Who We Are

We believe at efloor, inc. we have the most professional staff, in both technique and manner that exists in the commercial flooring business today. Our installers have worked in every genre of commercial building – medical, educational, laboratory and office – with sterling outcomes all around. They are very experienced at working in occupied spaces. They are knowledgeable regarding the protocols of laboratory clean rooms and other sterile environments. They excel at renovations of all types of facilities and have developed innovative strategies to best do the job. Above all, our staff conducts themselves with the utmost professionalism. As our installers are our company’s reflection in the field, we have maintained a staff that is courteous and ambitious all while producing excellent results.

  • Contract Installations
  • Material Sales
  • Substrate Preparation
  • Solutions for vapor emissions
  • Epoxy Floors


Just because it’s under foot doesn’t mean it’s out of sight. We at efloor, inc. understand that your commercial floor deserves the same amount of attention to detail as any other finish material that goes into your project. Our staff members are less floor installers than floor craftsmen. Their work is that impressive. Each installer goes through a rigorous four-year educational/apprenticeship period in which they are instructed as to how to install a floor to our standards. Each installer is mill certified. The installation of a floor is the most important step in the process of achieving the overall aesthetic and we don’t compromise. The results are clear. To date efloor, inc.. has not returned to one job to address quality concerns – that is no “punch-list” items. Our job is complete when it cannot be done any better. We will make your floor worthy of your notice. ON TIME, ON BUDGET: A deadline is a deadline. At efloor, inc. we are acutely aware of the pitfalls that impede a company from delivering its product on a projected date – and we know how to avoid them. As well, we have the experience to perfectly match the materials to your budget and we can make your dollar go father than you would think. Time and money are the perpetual shortages; we won’t waste either of yours.


We carry all the major suppliers. More than just displaying many hundreds of samples, we can assist you in referencing only the options you want to assist you with your best possible choice. Our experience allows us to make pertinent suggestions and observations in the selection process that might be lost with a lesser company. In addition to our in house knowledge, we work very closely with architects and designers who can assist us in getting exactly what you desire from your interior space