What Types of Flooring Should you Use for your Office Space?

Office flooring plans are usually broken up into several distinct areas.

First, the walk-in and reception area. This is usually the most inviting area of the floor plan, with the highest quality flooring being used. High quality and resilient flooring should be used here. Vinyl wood plank flooring is appealing visually while also being resilient to a lot of wear. Sheet vinyl in a nice, appealing pattern also works well for this space. You need a flooring that can resist a lot of foot traffic while also looking nice.The_Park_Northpoint_-_Open_Plan_Office_Space

Another major area is the work space where the majority of desks and workstations are found. Carpet is best for this area because many people will be walking through for the majority of the day. Carpeting offers some nice cushioning to reduce the stress on people’s feet. Efloors Inc. installs carpet with the experience that allows us to prevent any visible seams.

Another common area is the kitchen and bathrooms. Often connected, rubber flooring installed across these rooms is a great way to floor a large area in an affordable manner. Rubber flooring is resilient, easy to clean, and is durable for an area which sees a lot of foot traffic.

Manager’s offices and meeting rooms can elevate their quality and prestige with the installation of wood flooring. The hardwood look is great for rooms where you have expensive furniture and expect to be greeting clients. They will also hold up in rooms that do not see a lot of foot traffic.

Meet the needs of every area in your office with the right type of flooring. For more information about office flooring, contact Efloors at 781-329-7722.