What Types of Flooring Should a School Use?

Schools and universities have a wide array of options when they are flooring their school. Schools should keep in mind the functionality of the room they are flooring, the look of the flooring, and how long they expect the flooring to last.

VCT Flooring is an inexpensive choice that can work well for hallways or school lobbies. Vinyl composition tile is a nice choice because it easy to maintain; the flooring just needs a consistent buffing job. VCT can be installed with a variety of patterns so visual appeal does not need to be sacrificed.

CarpetingĀ is a good choice for libraries. Carpet can give a room a sense of comfort, which reflects nicely on libraries and media centers. It is also a good choice for classrooms as long as a dark color is chosen for the sake of hiding stains.

Epoxy flooring is a good option for bathrooms, locker rooms, and laboratories. This type of flooring is the most chemically resistant that we offer. Epoxy will hold up when exposed to chemical spills.

Sports flooring is also necessary for gymnasiums and fitness centers at schools or universities. Efloors uses rubber flooring that is completely recycled for the traditional fitness center look. We also offer wood and carpet styles that will hold in sports environments.

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