Sport Floors

EverlastGym3_001efloor, inc. offers high quality environmentally friendly flooring that can be used to create an exercise area in weight rooms and large fitness centers.

This is the same fitness center flooring used in large corporate gyms and fitness centers now made affordable for the local gym and fitness center.

Available in carpeted versions, wood looks and our 8mm Rubber collection for the traditional gym look. Not only is our rubber flooring capable of withstanding heavy weights being dropped but it offers sound deadening capabilities as well. This makes it perfect for a second story gym with a inhabited or occupied space below.

Our recycled rubber flooring for gyms and weight rooms can be installed as fully adhered rolls in large fitness centers. Our ability to provide different looks and feels means you can have a single source for product for office, workout and commercial space.

  • Fitness centers
  • Health Clubs
  • Weight rooms
  • Mulch-purpose areas
  • Training centers
  • Group fitness rooms
  • Indoor jogging tracks
  • Cardio areas

Our flooring for weight rooms and your gym floor has both form and function. Your clients and staff will love the way our product performs but your project designer will not feel left out. We have enough options and custom graphics available to satisfy even the pickiest interior designer.

From a functional standpoint we can help you select the most functional floor for your entire project. This is not a one size fits all product. We have a wide variety of products and accessories depending on the use for the entire area — or for larger projects we can mix products.