vct_tile_page1VCT is widely used in hospitals, schools, office buildings and public places. VCT is the most durable and the easiest to keep free of germs and you can replace a single tile fairly easy. VCT is normally waxed and buffed to keep the daily grit and grime away. When the wax has been built up VCT can be stripped and redone with just a machine. This can happen several times over.

VCT used to be made with asbestos until the early 80’s when it was found out that asbestos was hazardous. In current times most VCT is a 12” tile and the asbestos tile were usually 9” tiles. The best way to tell if the tiles are asbestos is to have them tested.

The vinyl tile comes in many different colors solid colors, wood and stone look, or solid colors with speckles of other colors. The different patterns can be cut and shaped to create any design you can imagine.

Sheet Vinyl

sheet-vinyl3Sheet vinyl flooring is a proven performer with many color options, and is very environmentally friendly.

Sheet vinyl is among the “greenest” of floor products, made from natural materials: linseed oil, resins, recycled wood flour, cork dust, limestone and mineral pigments, mounted on a jute backing. Additionally, sheet vinyl is naturally anti-bacterial and biodegradable.

Sheet vinyl can be installed in most any interior room in the house. One of sheet vinyl’s most distinctive qualities is that the entire thickness of the wear layer (except the jute backing) is throughout the entire floor – meaning the color and pattern extend through the entire floor surface.

Anti Static Tile


efloor, inc. is a Certified Supplier and Installer of Forbo Colorex Anti Static Tile.

Forbo Colorex Anti Static flooring tiles, a premier, time tested solution for static control environments and specified by some of the finest facilities in the world! efloor, inc. is pleased to present the best pricing and selection on Forbo Colorex. Available in both static dissipative (SD Series) and static conductive (EC Series) and with the most color choices in the industry. Forbo Colorex provides years of (wax free), low maintenance service and Options you can count on.

Colorex anti static floors are an excellent choice for controlling ESD in clean rooms, electronic or semi-conductor manufacturing, computer rooms, repair facilities or anywhere sensitive electronics are utilized. Forbo’s resilient tightly compacted composition features permanent conductivity. Unlike many ESD Vinyl’s Forbo Colorex doesn’t flake, break, or degrade even in the harshest of environments. It’s clean room compliant, DOP Free and offers excellent stain resistance properties.

Wall Base

wall base1efloor, inc. offers color-integrated rubber wall base and vinyl wall base in both coved and straight profiles.

Our different wall base lengths, heights and gauges provide great finishing options for your flooring design.

Wall base in vinyl or rubber protects walls from scuffing. High impact wall base provides superior impact protection and offers quick installation because there are no adhesives. Vinyl cove base contains pre-consumer recycled content for an eco-friendly alternative. Numerous colors are available to enhance any interior.

Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring

vinyl wood flooring1Hard wood flooring materials gives and appealing visual looks but it cannot last long under heavy use, and mean while the vinyl flooring can provides the same attractive looks from aesthetic view without have to worry with the problem that usually occurs on the hard wood floor, Vinyl manufacture now has a large selection of many durable vinyl product and as well as with a lot of appearances varieties, vinyl can easily be made to look like wood flooring or just like any other surface appearances. Many of the vinyl company now has put a lot of detail and with keen eye for the look, and to make sure that the vinyl are produce with excellent durability and quality.