Rubber Base Flash Cove Installation

An important part of hospital and healthcare flooring is the rubber base, flash cove flooring. Flash coves are rubber installations that run from the floor to partially up the wall. The rubber coating on the wall is important for sanitation purposes. The extra resilience on the walls help maintain the walls and keep them free scruffs and dings that happen in commercial settings.

We are master craftsmen in flash cove installations. We use both coved and straight rubber bases in our installations. Straight styled bases run straight to the floor while coved bases have a slight curve into the floor at the bottom of the base. Efloors uses both rubber and vinyl bases in a wide range of colors to match the needs of our many healthcare clients.

Flash cove bases are very popular in healthcare and hospital environments due to their durability and ability to protect the walls. For more information about healthcare flooring or flash coves, contact Efloors at 781-329-7722.