Hospital Flooring

Rubber Base Flash Cove Installation

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An important part of hospital and healthcare flooring is the rubber base, flash cove flooring. Flash coves are rubber installations that run from the floor to partially up the wall. The rubber coating on the wall is important for sanitation purposes. The extra resilience on the walls help maintain the walls and keep them free scruffs and dings that happen in commercial settings. We are master craftsmen in flash cove installations. We use both coved and straight rubber bases in our installations. Straight styled bases run straight to the floor while coved bases have a slight curve into the...

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What Type of Hospital Flooring Should I Use?

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Hospital flooring needs to be durable, resilient, and slip-free. Flooring decisions need to be made for different areas of the hospital; the waiting room would need a different flooring type than operating rooms. Traditionally, VCT, or vinyl composition tile, has been the most widely used flooring in hospitals. It is one of the most popular types of flooring for hospitals because it is sanitary, easy to clean, and easy to repair. Some hospital administrators worry about the toxins that can sometimes be released in the production of vinyl flooring. That is why we offer sheet vinyl. This is one...

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