Best Types of Flooring for Gymnasiums

Efloors inc. is experts in all types of flooring. One of our most sought after services is gymnasium flooring. We have installed our sports flooring into countless gymnasiums, fitness centers, and health clubs. The key to great gym flooring is a blend of durability and comfort. If the flooring is too stiff, it is dangerous for people to do lots of movement. If it is too spongy, then equipment will leave lasting marks, and weights can bounce off the floor.

  • EVA Foam Tiles: This is the most affordable option, but for a reason. Foam tiles are very spongy, so they can bounce your weights pretty easily. This makes a good material for simple cardiovascular rooms. EVA Foam Tiles can help protect your floor if you want to put an exercise bike or treadmill in your room.
  • Virgin rubber flooring: This is completely real and non-recycled rubber flooring. Popular with gyms, this is very durable rubber flooring that hold up to dropped weights, but also allows for walking and jumping comfort.
  • Efloors Inc. 8mm rubber flooring: Our environmentally friendly flooring is great for fitness centers and weight room. It is comfortable for the feet but is also strong enough to handle dropped weights.

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